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_MAR1647Marco Marucci ( was born in 1982 and lived nearly 20 years in Bari – south Italy. Starting from the curiosity about this land and the desire to document it, his love for photography grew up. Research on territory, portraits and reportage are part of the interest of his eye, which is everyday more and more hungry to try and express its personal view of experiences, sensations and emotions. He lives now in Turin.

Imi N'Tlit, Morocco Jan 2014 - The oil for cosmetic use is obtained with the aid of machineries, while the alimentary one is handmade, according to the ancient method.

The women of argan

The strong will of the 32 women who make up the community, allows to contrast every day, cultural restrictions of their country and the adversities of nature… (photo essay by Marco Marucci)


Ravenna, Italy, August 2013

Marco Marucci | The Nando’s Circus

The Apollo circus started up in 2007 and then moved all around Italy, and abroad, with the new fellow Nando Orfei, whose name decorates the entrance.


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