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Luca Catalano Gonzaga (, born in 1965. In 2010, he creates a non profit association “Witness Image”. He lives in Rome.

Bangladesh, Chalna, Settembre 2012. Una ragazza corre verso il suo villaggio. Questa zona è particolarmente colpita da inondazioni, monsoni e cicloni; ciò provoca ogni anno la distruzione di interi villaggi e la perdita di raccolti. Questo fa si che intere famiglie siano costrette ad spostarsi verso le baraccopoli di Dahka, dove le condizioni di vita sono disumane e vi si trova anche un ambiente pericoloso per i bambini.

Child Survival in a Changing Climate

L’obiettivo fotografico di Luca Catalano Gonzaga racconta la tragedia dei bambini nel più grande campo profughi del mondo, quello di Dadaab in Kenya a 30 kilometri dal confine somalo…


Bangladesh, Chalna, September 2010. Two women near their huts in the village of Chalna during floods. Their homes are increasingly threatened by rising water.This area in Bengala Bay is particularly affected by flooding. The cyclones, floods and monsoons hit the Bengal Bay annually causes the destruction of harvests and of entire villages because of increased rainfalls and sedimentation in river flow. The people who inhabit in this area are forced to migrate to Dahka slums with their children and live in dangerous and inhumane conditions.

Luca Catalano Gonzaga | Child Survival in a Changing Climate

Climate changes represent one of the biggest challenges humanity will face in the coming years. Global warming, ice melting, the frequency of droughts and floods are all symptoms of the ongoing climate change. There are huge risks for the planet and for future generations, and we should take note of it with urgency. As a […]




The photos in this volume are personal records of events that have taken place in the physical world. They are about discovery, not creation; about finding out, not inventing – for other people to see how the photographer has framed what he has witnessed. These photos are meant to educate us. And they will, provided […]

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Luca Catalano Gonzaga, PRIVATE 53

Luca Catalano Gonzaga | Gold fever

Gold in Burkina has become the most exported product in the country overtaking cotton. In the last year 11 thousand tons of gold have been extracted in Burkina Faso a number which has more than doubled…


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