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leslieLeslie Searles (, Arequipa 1978. I have a degree in Media with a Major in Cinema, granted by the University of Lima and a degree in Photography conferred by the London College of Communication. In 2006 I received a scholarship to participate in Reflexions Masterclass. I was runner-up in Photo España Ojo de Pez Human Values Award. In 2013 I took part in Representaciones Latin American Contemporary Photography in Photo España 2013.

Untitle 01 Lima 2013

Leslie Searles | Radiografias

In these portraits, the x-ray prints their corporal expressions with traces of pain and reconstruction histories inside their bodies, still forming.


Iñapari, January 2012, A haitian refugee walks along the bridge that separates Iñapari (Peru) with Assis, in Brazil. This bride was close to them for almost 4 months.

Leslie Searles | The Third Frontier

The aim of the project was to explore the conditions of Haitian immigrants who were stranded for four months in the Peruvian border with Brazil, while in search of the Brazilian dream.


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