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Laëtitia Donval, born in 1981 in Lannion (France), she lives and works in Brittany.

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En surface

Nature Humaine pour la photographie met à l’honneur la nouvelle série et le livre En surface de la photographe Laëtitia Donval fruit de sa résidence à Le Blanc (36). Laëtitia Donval photographie avec l’errance pour méthode et le désir de plonger dans l’inattendu du quotidien. Fascinée par l’autre réalité du miroir, son travail s’imprègne d’incertitude pour […]



SMOKE #1 is Out Now !

Smoke #1 is the first collective publication of Smoke. Editing : Laëtitia Donval Images : François Bodeux, Laëtitia Donval, Roger Guaus, Maki, Monia Montali, Jukka Onnela, Idalina Pedrosa 52 pages – 17 x 23,5cm Offset printing. First edition of 500 copies. Selfpublished ISBN 978-2-9601059-0-2 Informations and order on :

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Such photographs are there not to gratify a curiosity, but are made in response to a feeling: it is not only the landscape we see, even if it takes solid form, and darkens or brightens in certain frames, or is transformed by the space under changing skies…

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Laëtitia Donval | Nerves (psychiatry)

Laëtitia Donval, Nerves (psychiatry), from PRIVATE 49 – FRANCE présences «I was in a psychiatric institute, immersed in a place I could not escape from. Facing the other patients’ vulnerability as much as my own, I photographed the daily setting of our isolation: rooms, corridors and the misty landscape surrounding the building that reflected our faded gazes. Although […]


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