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Kobi Wolf  (, a 34 year old photographer based in Tel Aviv. He focuses on documentary photography and also works as a photojournalist for local newspapers.


Kobi Wolf | The story of the Bedouin tribesmen

The story of the Bedouin tribesmen in the unrecognized village of wadi al-Na’am southern Israel desert. Wadi al-Na’am is an unrecognized Bedouin village located in the Negev Desert in Southern



A living environment is a defined terrain where actual and imaginative perceptions are mutually experienced. The current flow of global information intensifies the simultaneous sense of personal space, and images

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PRIVATE 47, p. 26-27 (26-29)

Kobi Wolf | The Jewish settlers

The Jewish settlements in the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and Eastern Jerusalem have become one of the most argumentative issues in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The


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