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Julia Komissaroff ( Born in 1977 in Riga (Latvia) has lived and worked in Jerusalem since 1991. Regarded as one of the most important emerging photographers in Israel today, she began her documentary career photographing. For the last decade, she has been engaged in two large projects: the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the fortunes of ethnic minorities in the countries of the former Soviet Union. Her photographs have been exhibited regularly in Moscow, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv.

Saint Petersburg. 2008 "Tochka" (точка) is a popular euphemism for an outdoor market for prostitutes in Moscow and other large Russian cities, a word literally meaning 'point' or 'location' in Russian.

Julia Komissaroff | Homage to unknown father

I left the USSR in 91’. Just 14 years old. My mother protected me from my father’s world. When I’m in Russia this world is finding me…



A living environment is a defined terrain where actual and imaginative perceptions are mutually experienced. The current flow of global information intensifies the simultaneous sense of personal space, and images serve as its geographic and emotional expansions. This kind of amalgamation narrows the distances between the self and the other to a point where remote […]

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PRIVATE 47, p. 48-49 (48-51)

Julia Komissaroff | Kitab al-Bala

These photographs have been made during Ramadan. Ramadan is a fasting month and a holiday. Ramadan is also a time when the Muslims are to slow down from worldly affairs


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