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Jean-Marc Caimi (, French-Italian photographer and journalist, works as a freelance for Redux Pictures. His pictures cover humanitarian and social issues. He is regularly published in the press worldwide. Recent works include the aftermath in Lybia and human rights violation in Azerbaijan.


Forcella is a place that swallows you up, where everything is stuck, frozen in time, forgotten by the institutions, abandoned to the casualness or to the lazy routine of its own citizens.

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TARANTO, ITALY - January 2013. Smoke rising from the smokestacks of ILVA. The cemetery of Tamburi lies just beneath the plant.

Jean-Marc Caimi and Valentina Piccinni | Death metal

The factory of ILVA in Taranto is a 12.000 employees steel factory. In the recent months a police investigation discovered that the factory has been polluting, with dioxin and several others carcinogenic chemicals…

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The photos in this volume are personal records of events that have taken place in the physical world. They are about discovery, not creation; about finding out, not inventing – for other people to see how the photographer has framed what he has witnessed. These photos are meant to educate us. And they will, provided […]

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Jean-Marc Caimi, PRIVATE 53

Jean-Marc Caimi | Musina crossing

Zimbabwe ranks 169 out of 169 countries in the Human Development Index 2010. Unemployment in the country reaches a rate of 95% (2009) and the schooling system is collapsing. An estimated 3,000 Zimbabweans die each week due to AIDS…


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