Photographers Archives: Jan Møller Hansen

Family portraits. Dhaka.

Neither Man nor Woman

The transgenders in Bangladesh, and in other parts of South Asia, are locally known as Hijras. In the West, they are known as hermaphrodites or eunuchs.


Rautes at the camp

The Last Hunters and Gatherers of the Himalayas

The Rautes, who call themselves Kings of Forests, subsist on langur and macaque monkeys, wild yams, rice and a few kinds of vegetables traded from local farmers.


Paul is an illegal refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo. He worked for a political party, who lost the last election. Some of his friends were killed by the police and authorities, and they are now looking for him. Paul has lived underground in Kathmandu for more than three years. He was too afraid of having his photo taken.

Urban Refugees in Nepal

It is well known that Nepal is home to some 20,000 Tibetan refugees, who came to the country after China invaded Tibet… (photo essay by Jan Møller Hansen Jan Møller Hansen)


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