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Jan Grarup ( Denmark, 1968. Over the last 18 years, Jan has traveled the world documenting many of the defining moments of history. He has focused on numerous wars and conflicts, including Rwanda, Iraq, and the Intifada. More recently, he has extensively covered the crisis in Darfur and the conflict in Afghanistan. He resides in Copenhagen.

PRIVATE 44 | REAL – Special NOOR Photo Agency

The goal of the photo agency Noor is to produce, publish, and exhibit long term visual projects on topics of human concerns to a broad international audience while maintaining the dignity of the subjects.

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PRIVATE 44, p. 06-07 (06-15), Jan Grarup - Darfur. A Silent Genocide

Jan Grarup | A Silent Genocide

Since 2003, over 200,000 have died in Darfur and Chad, and 2.5 million have fled their homes seeking safety from the vicious of the Sudanese Arab Janjaweed.


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