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fenghaoyu-square-200pxFeng Haoyu (, born in Guangzhou China, based in California USA. Education: 2004 San Francisco State University, 2000 Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, 1996 The Affiliated high School of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. Publication: Colors Magazine, FFFFound!, DesignBoom, DesignisKinky, IdN Magazine, Neocha, Social Documentary Exhibit, The Creator Project Featured Gallery, Innovation, THE Creative Finder Featured Gallery, Vision Magazine, Vimity Featured Gallery, World Journal.

Daniel: OK, OK. I'm a bit of a mad man. But I do my solid modeling of a car frame in soda straws.Denise: Daniel is right, he is a mad man. He is so in his element here. - san jose, california - Feb, 2012

Haoyu Feng | Daniel 1948

These photos tell a story about our lives. Even though the children and grandchildren are not in them, they and others in our family are in photos and object in


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