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Giulia Magnani ( is a postgraduate student in International Relations. In 2009, she was engaged in an ethnographic research about Roma television consumption in Albania. Starting form this study, Giulia wrote her Bachelor dissertation about the key-mediator role that TV plays between different cultures and made the portfolio Tv Rom, displayed at the FIAF Gallery in Turin and during the Adriatic Mediterranean Festival (2010). Thanks to the project De Grote Pyr, carried out within a legal squat in The Netherlands, Giulia was selected for the 2012 Biennial of Young Italian Photographers.

Moynaq, Uzbekistan - August 2012. Once a center of industrial fishing with a population of 150 thousand and Uzbekistan's only port city, Moynaq is now a village of 2 thousand people. The fish factory closed in 1979 and today nothing remains of the port.

Giulia Magnani | Aral

There was once the fourth largest lake in the world. Now there are only two strips of clear water, narrowed on a land scratched by dried salty furrows. A violated nature can remember its shadow only when deformed. One can float in the melancholy beauty of what has been and is no longer, and what […]


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