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A youngster was ordered to distance himself from the rest of the group for a while because he was making noise during classes. September 17th 2014

Restore and Revive, by Frank Trimbos

South Africa is in the top 10 with the highest drug and alcohol abuse rate worldwide. A numerous rehab facilities a located throughout the country located mostly on remote areas. A significant part of these rehab centers is Christianity-based.


Freestate, South Africa, January 2014 - Charlotte Hertz, 58 years


Fallen is a serie portraits of residents who are living on a remote squatter camp in the province Freestate, South Africa. These people are living on or under the poverty line and are considered as ‘white poverty’… (photo essay by Frank Trimbos)


HEILBRON, SOUTH AFRICA - Oct 2013. The initiation of a new Sangoma is an exclusive experience filled with traditions and rituals. Only the local community, friends and family are invited to witness the Sangoma initiation. Normally outsiders and cameras are not allowed. It is a unique experience, because Sangomas believe they are being chosen by their ancestors to become a traditional healer. The harmony between the living and the death in the afterlife must be intact, so that the ancestors can protect and guide the living. Animal sacrifice and ritual dance are therefore vital elements during a Sangoma initiation.

Frank Trimbos | Sangoma Initiation

Sangomas are the practitioners of traditional African medicine in Southern Africa. Animal sacrifices, ancestors consultations, herbs, meditation, ritual songs and dance are key aspects of the traditional sangoma healing. These traditional healers receive an extreme amount of respect, devotion and faith from a large amount of the South African population. Although there is a significant […]


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