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Kulna110104-8662_200pxErika Pineros (website) I am a Colombian-Australian photojournalist and visual communicator based in Cambodia since 2010. My work focuses on documenting development and human rights issues in the area, and it has appeared in publications such as Foreign Policy, The Diplomat, Southeast Asia Globe & CNN International.

A panoramic shot of Boeung Kak lake taken on May 2011 shows the last section of water remaining. May 04, 2011. Phnom Penh, Cambodia

The Untitled

The Untitled, photo essay by Erika Pineros The Untitled Ti•tle |’tîtl|: LAW – a right or claim to the ownership of property. In recent years Cambodia has seen a dramatic increase in land grabs and forced evictions. Economic land concessions and development projects have displaced tens of thousands across the country, leaving them homeless and […]


CAMBODIA - September 2011. Gravestones stick out of the water during the 2011 monsoon in Doeum Sleng village.

Erika Pineros | Amongst the dead

Coming from different backgrounds and at different times, residents have adjusted to their new environment and have learnt to coexist with the dead.


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