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Elahe AbdolahabadiElahe Abdolahabadi > Born in 1988, in Neyshabour, Khorasan Razavi (Iran) where she lives. She is freelance photographer and teacher.

PRIVATE 58 | IRAN today

The collection of photos published in this magazine is a photo-story of personal concerns, documentations and reports made by 14 photographers who live and work in Iran.

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PRIVATE-58 (Elahe Abdolahabadi, An Instant of Time and Place, p. 42-43)

Elahe Abdolahabadi | An Instant of Time and Place

A photo is the section and cutting of reality and it is the result of selection of someone’s mind as a photographer. The selection that determines which parts of reality – set in front of photographer – should be seen by observer. As a result of this selection other probable choices will be omitted. In […]


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