Photographers Archives: Debmalya Ray Choudhuri

Aftermath. Kolkata,India(December 2016)

Another Sombre Christmas

Another Sombre Christmas is one of my personal narratives adopting a poetic and non-linear style of storytelling through photographs alone.


Mumbai,India-July 2016.Tranquility

Existence – An Ocean Within

This is an unpublished work as of now -a part of my ongoing photo book project whose visualization began long back in 2014.


Girish Park,Kolkata,India.-March 2016.An abstract portrait of a man stranded in the chaos after the flyover collapse.One of the few who was saved by some feet distance.

The Day that Wasn’t

These images are not a part of any newspaper agency/press as they are simply to denote the chaos and the terror that has engulfed the city on that fateful day.


Kolkata,India-March 2016:Life in the Wasteland-Wastes littered and dumped in the open forming a heap of rubble affect plants and animals in the surroundings. The soil in certain places has lost its fertility turning the land barren.

Life in the Wastelands

Kolkata, one of the most important economic and cultural hubs of India. A concrete jungle of sky high buildings, swanky malls and offices, yet with a life refulgent, simple and laid back.


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