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Irish born David Creedon ( is best described as a conceptual documentary photographer. His work has featured in some of the prestigious magazines worldwide and he has exhibited in national galleries throughout Europe and the United States including the National Portrait Gallery London and the Irish Museum of Modern Art. In Ireland Creedon’s work has been described as “one of the most significant collections of photography in contemporary Ireland and will be one of the most important collections in years to come”, While another critic has written; “his photographs transcend the documentary form and enter the realm of art, they are poems in photographs”.

"Raul and Maria were married in 1959, the year of the revolution. They have lived for most of their lives in this tiny apartment in Central Havana. Raul is now blind and Marie spends much of her time looking after his needs. "It is now late afternoon and Marie takes a siesta while Raul sits in his rocking chair waiting for her to wake up".

David Creedon | Behind Open Doors

For the most part tourists who visit Cuba only ever get to see their hotel or the beach resorts, they photograph the old American cars and the women with the big cigars who pose for tips on the Melancon, for them this is Cuba.


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