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cristina_a1Cristina Aldehuela, “I studied journalism and photography. I began my photographic career in 2009 at university when I founded a photographic collective. I’ve worked as a writer in various newspapers and magazines. As a photographer, some of my reportages have been published in Spain and England. I’ve participated in a few exhibitions with my works about Occupy Movements and the economical crisis of Spain.”

Georgia, Shukhuti - 2014. The town's orthodox priest Saba and the bodyguards of internal affairs minister of Georgia are holding the ball before the game starts.

Jordi Perdigó & Cristina Aldehuela | The Easter Battle

No time limits, no rules, an indiscriminate number of players—let’s play Lelo! The game is a no-holds-barred combination of wrestling and rugby that is very popular in south-western Georgia. Every Easter Sunday, the residents of Shukhuti remember their dead by playing this ancient game. Lelo is a sport, and a tradition, but most of all […]

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