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Ben Kilb (, 1982, is a photographer and reporter whose work has been published in The New York Times, The International Herald Tribune, Foto8, der freitag, arte, the Seattle Times, China Daily and other publications

Member of the Ultras Ahlawy doing an illegal wall painting in Cairo's district Matareya

Ben Kilb | We die for Football, and Egypt – Ultras Ahlawy

Many call the Ultras the spearhead of the revolution after they protected protesters on Tahrir Square against police and armed thugs who attacked on camels.



Ben Kilb | Castor transport

My short photo essay is a series about the protest against the Castor transport of nuclear waste in Lower Saxony/Germany in early November 2010. For three days people were demonstrating and blocking rails to keep the train carrying the waste from reaching its destination, the permanent disposal site in Gorleben. In the end the transport […]


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