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Born in Stockholm in 1944, Anders Petersen in one of the most important European photographers working today. Throughout his career Petersen has consistently challenged photographic conventions, beginning with his photographs of late-night rugulars in Hamburg bar in the 1960s, which subsequently became the seminal book Café Lehmitz. Between 1966 and 1968 Petersen studied with Christer Strömholm, and has since published more than 20 books.

© Anders Petersen

Anders Petersen [Photographs]

« (…) It’s not really a style, for me it is an approach. I like people. There are common themes between my first pictures and what I am doing now. (…) It doesn’t work that much with anecdotes and atmospheres. It works more with light and shadows. »


© Anders Petersen

Anders Petersen – Soho

For a month Petersen immersed himself in the life of the famous London district Soho.



For more than 10 years, Galerie VU’ has been promoting photographers of various ages, nationalities and inspirations. This issue of private magazine, which is dedicated to them, proves it.

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Anders Petersen, From Back Home - PRIVATE 46, p. 08-09 (08-13)

Anders Petersen | From Back Home

Holding fast to his direct style, full of close-ups, out of the frame points of view, huge contrasts and banal, sometimes grotesque or disturbing details, Anders Petersen…


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