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Alex Tomazatos ( was born December 22nd 1988 at Sulina, Romania. I have a degree in biology from Alexandru Ioan Cuza University (2010), and now I’m studying for M.Sc. at the same university. Currently I alternate locations between the city of Iasi where I study and my home town, Sulina, documenting a man-driven crisis of environment, cultural identity and communist reminiscences among others. My main work in Romania is around “Homeland”, recording the downfall of a personal paradise – Danube Delta.  This has kept me busy for last few years and I hope it will do the same in the future.

Waiting for the Romanian royal family arriving onboard the royal train. Bucharest North, 2013.

Bucuresti Nord

People come, people go, some everyday, some loose the train forever and never leave, as if the train station is enchanted, magic as a man one day told me.


PRIVATE 51 | Global Report 2

As unique and special the scenes are that the photographers for this issue have chosen to focus on, the similarities (what we have in common, what we share) that can

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Alex Tomazatos | Homeland

The youngest land in Romania has fascinated people and still does. Every year, the beauties of this wetland bring hundreds of thousands of tourists to the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve


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