Photographers Archives: Agnes Szedera

Agnes-SzederaAgnes Szedera is born in Poland. She lives and works in Norway. She is a passionate photojournalist focused on worldwide current socio-cultural issues. Her acclaimed photography has recently won a photographic competition in Norway. One of the presented photographs in this article was a finalist in the National Geographic Photo Contest, Polish edition. Ms Szedera works on her projects under the supervision of VII Photo Agency photographer – Maciek Nabrdalik.

Suleymaniye, Turkey - June, 2013. Foreboding of unrest.

Agnes Szedera | Turkey’s revival – Suleymaniye – The Dust District

Turkey has faced demanding times, topped by the government’s brutal response to mass protests in June of last year. According to a recent report by Amnesty International, the opposition which claimed five lives amounted to «human-rights violation on a huge scale». The rapid escalation of protests against the conservative government has exposed a number of […]


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