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Aechath Adam ( is a documentary photographer from the tiny islands of the Maldives. Cultivating both personal and professional curiosities in photography, she aims to examine the complexities of the human terrain in transient states. Her work is an attempt to understand the gap between the situations we are in and the ones we desire. Currently her work focuses on migration and perceived identities in climates of adversity. Aechath holds a Master’s Degree in Documentary Photography and a Bachelors Degree in Creative Advertising Design.

Gan, Laamu Atoll, Maldives - The system lingers in a state of flux, while some Bangladeshi men suffer at the hands of corruption and deceit, the lucky few somehow manage to thrive amidst chaos, earning more than they could have under a legal work permit.

Aechath Adam | Between Windows and Walls

Little islands with luxury price tags; the Maldives is world renowned for its jewel like atolls, powder fine pearly sands and endless blue sky. The booming service and construction industries have created a metropolis for South Asian migrant workers…


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