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Adam Pańczuk (, born in 1978. He lives in Warsaw, Poland.


Festival ImageSingulières

ImageSingulières s’est inscrit dans le paysage photographique en surmontant les obstacles et malgré ses moyens limités veut continuer à être ambitieux pour proposer une programmation inédite.

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You are only dust amidst dust. You are only just visible even if you gesticulate, even if you make a commotion, even if you speak loud and clearly: you act in a silent film. Or rather: one hears nothing that you would like because…

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Adam Pańczuk, PRIVATE 54

Adam Pańczuk | Karczeby

In one of the dialects spoken in East Poland, which is a mixture of Polish and Belarusian, people strongly attached to the soil they had been cultivating for generations were called “Karczebs”.


PRIVATE 41 | From Poland

What is the state of Polish photography after 2000 then? This is a difficult question: today there seems to be a lack of meaningful currents and trends, and lots of authors borrow from other countries.

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