Photographers Archives: Aananda Antahleen

BRAHMANBARIA, BANGLADESH - December 2014. Animals being carried to the cities


The sculptures of daedalus will become lifeless. Crumble down like pillars of salt. The murder of Talos seemed futile. Infected acropolis.


Dhaka, Bangladesh- October, 2015. Death fetish

Time Stays

Trees fascinate me. Their lifelessness, asepticism, drabness. Their introvertness and apprehension. How still and daunted… And yet they are conscious, sensible; and often subtle.


Dhaka, Bangladesh- April, 2015. Time stays

Anomic Ballads or Close to comfort

Through happiness and woes. Comfort and agitation. We breathe. Through emptiness and fulfillment. Through death and a new outset.


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