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Terry a O’Neal | Mama Afrika

Mama Afrika / Make me a necklace / Of shiny malachite beads and brass spheres / That will mark me / Queen of the jungle– / Queen of romance– / Groom me for womanhood– / Mama Afrika / Make me a necklace…



Segun Akinlolu | Tell Me Of Life

Don’t tell me of blood, sage, / What I have seen I cannot forget. / Tell me of no war, / Of my private ones I can swear. / Spare me the gory details, / It’s a shame that men should die…



Odimegwu Onwumere | Politician

Regardless the principle of politics, / What is politics? / Are you a politician with bad sense / Of politics as a career? / You come to the people and you swear; / You make promises of heaven on earth…



Argo Spier | I took my ship down

I have left / and nosed my shuttle down / to the height of a foaming prairy / [my zoom like a noose around my neck] / from far I looked over the infinite rim / deep into the land’s seething pool / like foreign explorers before…



Uche Nduka | Raise The Cup

Can’t cut / Can’t cut off / a cockcrow / from boleros. / A dialogue of chromosomes. / There is no / There is no exit / from the bloodpulse / of an African night…


PRIVATE 37, p. 3

Simon Njami | Images Split into Two

Producing images is probably the last way in which we can fully express our freedom and individuality in this century. Up until the end of the twentieth century, the West held a monopoly on seeing, i.e. the power of describing and therefore defining the world from a hegemonic point of view…



Argo Spier | I have travelled

I have travelled [on a train / a whistling ship a rocket] / I have visited the earth / [a planet full of sawdust just like the moon] / and I divided the animals into species / the way I saw it…



Hercules Papaioannou | Reflections and Fragments of Contemporary Greece

In the past two decades Greek art photography has grown enormously, deriving stimuli both from the international photography scene, with which it now keeps pace, as well as from the fast development of Greek society.


Annelisa Addolorato
3 Poesie. Senza titolo

1. Attraverso il canto emerse il sentiero Sotto la pelle del tamburo Sotto la pelle del desiderio Sotto la pelle del ritmo Codice d’ombra e ripido sentire Legno e argenti sulla stoffa della musica. 2. Specchio del tempo aperto Corone e orli sgualciti d’ombre caute Nel colore brezza cristallina Irrompe la linea maestra del raggio […]


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