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Do You know what it’s like to be overwhelmed by fear? Total kind. The kind I felt when they opened the cell. You’re entering and there is this little bulb…



Five untitled poems by Simon Perchik

They have no second thoughts / and still your footprints / inch by inch, gradually / made whole the way this shovel / lost its taste for dirt / carries



Morning Melody and other poems

[morning melody] You might have stayed up All night, clicking at every link To your daydream, searching For a soulmate in the cyberspace You might have enjoyed an early dose



A click and its likeness…

Five poems by Simon Perchik * A click and its likeness can’t change, curled the way rain yellows though you hold on almost make out the grin that could be


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School Days

School Days, by Himanshu Attri Glimpses of our past the day we entered school it seemed not so cool we were given some melodies and a pocket full of toffies


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