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Gohar Dashti, Slow decay, PRIVATE 58, p. 06-07

Gohar Dashti | Slow decay

Today as much as our lives have been disassociated from its surrounding environment, yet it is directly influenced by it. The shots have captured the cruel moments of misery and fatigue, though are not expressive of a certain event in time or place…


Shadi Ghadirian, Miss Butterfly. PRIVATE 58, p. 10-11 (10-15)

Shadi Ghadirian | Miss Butterfly

Self preservation is perhaps the most collective primal instinct since it is the way to assure further sustenance; the deep need to continue existence is so strong that it should be no surprise why there is perhaps no better way to imprison a man’s soul than, either with a threat to parish or a promise […]



Roya Noorinezhad | Intercity Train

Nowadays, travel has become an indispensable part of modern life. For the modern man, travel turns out to have a different, new meaning, interpreted as “moving from one place to another to do the routines”. To see the everyday landscapes between two cities, as a pleasurable experience, takes us away from the turmoil of everyday […]


Ebrahim Noroozi, Victims of forced love, PRIVATE 58, p. 20-21

Ebrahim Noroozi | Victims of forced love

Life had been unkind for mother and daughter, Somayeh Mehri, 29-years-old and Ra’na Afghanipour, three-years-old, victims of forced love. Because of saying «No» to this love they’ve been attacked by acid…


M. Soltani Tehrani, The wind will carry us, PRIVATE 58, p. 26-27

Mohammadreza Soltani Tehrani | The wind will carry us

Khorramshahr is situated in the south of Iran. Being placed along the Persian Gulf and the Iraq border, it presents a very important strategic, political and economical condition; nevertheless Khorramshahr does not have potable water nor a natural gas public pipe line…


©Kiarang Alaei, Even When We Do Not Know. PRIVATE 58, p.32-33 (32-35)

Kiarang Alaei | Even When We Do Not Know

This collection takes seventeen shots to deal with the presence of cameras around the everyday lives of the people. An absolute presence of which even the most virgin and unseen places did not escape. A presence that feels ultimately pointless and boring, as considered in this collection. Cameras insist on recording places while humans have abandoned […]


Hamed Sodachi, Bewitched. PRIVATE 58, p. 36-37 (36-41)

Hamed Sodachi | Bewitched

Prostitutes, child laborers, narcotic addicts, rubbers, run away girls, immigrant from other towns and villages, unemployed and homeless families seek refuge from cold winter nights in public buses that are operating all night long in limited routs. There are several reasons that these people chose the public buses for overnight sleep. Consumption of adulterated chemical […]


PRIVATE-58 (Elahe Abdolahabadi, An Instant of Time and Place, p. 42-43)

Elahe Abdolahabadi | An Instant of Time and Place

A photo is the section and cutting of reality and it is the result of selection of someone’s mind as a photographer. The selection that determines which parts of reality – set in front of photographer – should be seen by observer. As a result of this selection other probable choices will be omitted. In […]


Hossein Fatemi, In The Mud For Love, PRIVATE 58, p. 50-51

Hossein Fatemi | In The Mud For Love

The Lake Urmia in Northwestern Iran is the largest lake in the Middle East. The water of the Lake is heavily saturated with salt, causing a lack of any vegetation or fish. But the salt and mineral laden mud are reputed to have healing properties for skin and rheumatic afflictions…


Hamid Janipour, Old Shalyar, PRIVATE 58, p. 54-55

Hamid Janipour | Old Shalyar

This ceremony is held each year Wednesday and Tuesday in half of February. According to some historians, it has been celebrated for more than a thousand years. “Old Shalyar Wedding Ceremony” is a common ceremony, which is held 45 days after the winter begins and it take place in 2 weeks…


Sara Naimpour, Best of our memory lies outside of us. PRIVATE 58, p. 58-59 (58-61)

Sara Naimpour | Best of our memory lies outside of us

Throughout the years that I lived in Tehran, I was always intrigued by two kinds of places. Places where my pleasant or unpleasant memories echoed themselves in, and places which may have only been a simple passageway, but their color, light and being became outstanding to me for any reason. Inspired by Marcel Proust’s Lost […]


PRIVATE 58 (Mehdi Monem, Civilian Victims of Iran-Iraq War, p. 62-63)

Mehdi Monem | Civilian Victims of Iran-Iraq War

In September 22nd 1980, Iran-Iraq war started with the bombardment of some Iranian cities. In the beginning, no one could imagine that this war would be one of the longest wars of the history. During 8 years of war, besides harsh battles in fronts, cities and civilized regions were invaded with chemical weapons, in spite […]


Alireza Fani, A Memorial For Todat. PRIVATE 58, p. 66-67 (66-71)

Alireza Fani | A Memorial For Today

A Memorial for Today series, reality replaces fantasy and criticism of the external and gives way to exploring the internal world; Fani substitutes contemplative vagueness for explicit symbolism. He moves from manipulated photography and photomontage to staged photography.


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