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Tatyana in her work draws fantastic word of her home Petrogradsky district in St.Petersburg. She treats this space as tesseract or four dimensional hypercube.

Tehran, Iran - spring and summer 2015


It’s a picture of a place which no longer exists; like all other places where the presence of human does not signify prosperity, but anonymity…


Midnight Life, Dhaka, 19 February 2016, Bangladesh. © Monirul Alam

A Journey without distance…

“As a journalist, storyteller, and visual artist working in an evolving media industry, I committed to investigate a wide range of global issues.” -monirul alam

Dhaka, Bangladesh- April, 2015. Time stays

Anomic Ballads or Close to comfort

Through happiness and woes. Comfort and agitation. We breathe. Through emptiness and fulfillment. Through death and a new outset.


Chicago, U.S. - August 2015

Digital Camera Broken Sensor – photo essay by Leonardo Magrelli

These photos are the result of a particular glitch in the RGB processor of a digital sensor: revolving an old well known issue, no analog camera could ever produce them.


29070: A little girl jumps with a steel glass as red flag roars with wind , she stays in the small hut which is enclosed to the pavement.

Neenad Arul | Random Red Numbers

Marine Drive crowded with a diverse population of Tourists, Joggers, cyclists, street performers, kids, people from aristocratic elite to the homeless poor.


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