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London, United Kingdom - 9 October 2016. “I’m Alaa but my friends call me Ali. I am from Damascus, Syria.”

From War and Trafficking to London’s Tech Scene

This photo series gives a face and a voice to London’s refugee tech students. As they begin a new journey, their past continues to hover over them.


Loos en Goelle, France - september 2014. Stéphane, guitars and vocals, before the crowd of fans during Loudblast concert at the Gohellefest.

Loudblast inside

Loudblast inside, photo essay by Moland Fengkov They are the oldest french death metal band. Loudblast is a band that lasts for many years in a country where mass media


Mumbai,India - November 2014. Early morning yawn.New born starts her day.

Day in a Life of Preshti

Day in a Life of Preshti, photo essay by Neenad Arul Over the past few years I have found the diversity of my interests in photography and attraction to subject


Bo Sang, Chiang Mai, Thailand. January 2015. Shops lined with hand crafted umbrellas.

Umbrella Festival For The Seasons

Umbrella Festival For The Seasons, photo essay by Anthony James Bennett Every year in the middle of January the umbrella making Village of Bo Sang in Chiang Mai, Thailand opens


Demonstration in Belgrade

Balkan Express

This is the photographic story of what I saw through dirty windows of the trains, on the streets, inside homes… (photo essay by Michele Mattiello)


2013, Italy - Ayuba is responsible for growing and harvesting vegetables. He dreams of being evangelical preacher.

Tomorrow you’re there

The idea of this work was born thanks to the knowledge with the social cooperative Undicesimaora, a reality of my area that deals with job placement… (photo essay by Gianluca


Camargue, France - June 2013. Land art atelier during the TransuHmance.


In the comparison between nature and culture, the relationship with the animal has had an important role in the development of our vision of the world… (photo essay by Francesca


Sofia Bulgaria November 2014


Sofia offers a “waterproof” scenario to me, a planet where it is difficult to walk light, a spectral beauty wraps the city where live togheter: sadness, beauty and extravagance. (Photo



Warsaw Nights

We are twenty and thirty years old. We finished school, we are still studying, and working. We are still trying to find our place. We engage ourselves in the arts,


PALERMO, ITALY - May 2014. A crowd of cars belonging to Tunisian immigrants wait at the port to board on the ferry that connects Palermo and Tunis (Tunisia). Some Tunisian immigrants have built a business between Europe and Africa buying second hand products in Italy to sell them in Tunisia. All the goods are piled on the cars' roof and brought to Tunisia on a passenger ferry. In the background the ferry is landing at Palermo port.

Heavily Loaded

Since people started sailing in the ancient times, merchants across the Mediterranean Sea have given life to a rich trade with the other populations inhabiting the Mediterranean shores.


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