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Gendarmenmarkt area.

Darkness and light in Berlin

December is a month that makes even more fascinating and mysterious Berlin, one of the most vital, multicultural and, simultaneously, quieter capital cities in Europe.


Russia, Pskov region, 07.2013

After the Firebird

The sad statistics shows that in Russia over the last two decades almost 25 thousands rural settlements disappeared with the map of Russia.


My grandmother at the final stage of Alzheimer disease. Bergerac, France, 2014

Chronicles of a time that is passing by

Facing the sudden change in my grand-parents’s life, i suddenly felt the need to keep a trace of it and face their reality.


PAIMPOL, FRANCE - march 2015. Hail storm as I was walking somewhere in Bretagne.

Transeo – photo essay by Paul Hennebelle

The successive moves of my childhood have erased all ties that I could have with the territory. To be from everywhere is also to be from nowhere.


Paris, France - october 2014

Metropolitan Minotaur – photo essay by Iris Alba

Metropolitan Minotaur is a snorkeling in the Paris underground, in the crowded or desert subway, day or night, always at night though because the day never exists there. Both Theseus


BETTONA, ITALY - December 2014

XALOVE – photo essay by Ludovico Poggioli

Born as an exploration of the different sight of the camera, quickly became the diary of a monotonous trip. Round trips overlapping like the faces met day after day, always


Naples, Italy-March 2015. G. rests on a bench inside the Institute.

About a boy, another (extra)ordinary story. Photo essay by Claudio Menna

G. attends an Institute for people with visual and psycho-physical pathology. The mental delay has always defined his life and conditioning it for good or for worse.


Absolutely Untitled

From Shades to Tones

Often forming the vision of the world, people and life we come from confidence, joy and hope to uncomfortable feelings of disappointment, sick and fear. Trying to tell a kid


Canada, 2009


Photo essay by Pedro Isztin. Spirit, you are separate from the container of your impermanence. Through patience and attention, your subtle presence is revealed…



40 days of high and low tides

When you shoot, you are mostly interested in understanding something and then reflect on. Not because you have understood something and you want to tell about it, but because the


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