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Imi N'Tlit, Morocco Jan 2014 - The oil for cosmetic use is obtained with the aid of machineries, while the alimentary one is handmade, according to the ancient method.

The women of argan

The strong will of the 32 women who make up the community, allows to contrast every day, cultural restrictions of their country and the adversities of nature… (photo essay by


Caravan, Giraffes, Kenya, 2013 © Laurent Baheux

Laurent Baheux | Africa

With a new approach in traditional nature photography, Laurent tries to capture the humanity and personality of each animal with deep black and high contrasts… (photo essay by Laurent Baheux)


Foggia, Italy - August 2014. Portrait of a tomato picker.

On the Identity of a Tomato Picker

People that now live in cardboard shelters with no water or electricity, working ten hours per day for less than four euros per hour. People that had to lose their


The road,the last place

Sleep Of No Dreaming

The road, the crash, before a deafening noise of nothingness, the nothingness from which they are precipitated indefinite duration in people in a vegetative state, victims of road accidents.


Borderlands, © Paola Leonardi

Borderlands: The Edges of Europe

This series focuses on the connection between people and territory and the significance of trans-national and transcultural identities, exploring the relevance of European identity and its relationship with concepts of


Undrawn Hours, © Paola Leonardi

Paola Leonardi | Undrawn Hours

The harsh weather made human encounters rare and the structures that remain have become relics abandoned in a sea of hay and ice, reminders of a past human presence.



Virginie Terrasse | Masakut. The Present in Kalaalisut

This photo documentary is trying to portray a land in full transformation through the everyday life of Greenland’s teenagers.


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