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Avonmouth Bristol 2013. This site was part of the National Smelting Works, which at one stage during WWI was the main centre of the production of mustard gas. In 2012 workers clearing the site for the building of a large ASDA distribution building suffered from skin irritations and nosebleeds after discovering some buried munitions. The site today has been given the all clear and building has recommenced.

Project Cleansweep – Beyond the Post-Military Landscape in the United Kingdom

…over 371,000 hectares of the British landmass was reserved and appropriated for military use.


Take me somewhere else

Take me somewhere else

There was a brickfield near my village home. Then I was a small child. The brickfield used to fascinate me. Particularly, when I found workers making bricks from clay in a magical way.


PAKHIRALA, SUNDARBAN, INDIA - April 2015. Shephali Mandal, 36, was attacked by crocodile on 2005 during shrimp fishing in the river. She doesn’t go to river for fishing anymore after the incident.

Edge of the wild

Rivers, human beings and forest create a strange bond in Sundarban, the largest mangrove forest located at the delta region of the river Ganges. The rivers nurture and support both


Freestate, South Africa, January 2014 - Charlotte Hertz, 58 years


Fallen is a serie portraits of residents who are living on a remote squatter camp in the province Freestate, South Africa. These people are living on or under the poverty line and are considered as ‘white poverty’… (photo essay by Frank Trimbos)


Frederic Vanwalleghem | Into The Eye

This is a documentary on how climate change is increasing the intensity of extreme weather events, displacing millions of people, destroying livelihoods, crops and livestock.


São Paulo - 12/2013

Felipe Abreu | São

São Paulo is a huge city. Many times its inhabitants don’t have a face, lost in the crowd that walks between work, home and few moments of fun. Its architecture is also misshapen in many moments, with buildings, stiles and heights overlapping, turning the biggest Brazilian city into chaos for eyes not used to the […]


Rosignano. Italy - August 2013. A view of the Solvay Factory in Rosignano and of the pipeline that transport the materia from and to the factory. The factory was built around the 1940. A local NGO calculate that 90000 tons of toxic wast was released in the sea in front of the factory.

Tommaso Rada | Caribbean Illusion

In 1941 in Tuscany nearby a small village named Rosignano, Solvay built a factory for the production of chemical products derived from NaCl.


Trees in the park provide shelter to urban birds.

Park Life

City parks are places for refreshment. People come here to seek solitude and breathe fresh air – indeed it gives urban people a sense of openness. With the rapid urbanization of Dhaka city, greenery is diminishing day by day.


Shy shadows #1

Tommaso Fiscaletti | Shy shadows

This project is for me the first concrete step towards the externalization of what Man has within himself. With the portrayed subjects, I’ve built personal relationships and I feel they represent a differentiated spectrum of personalities. The only request I had for them was not to pose for me but just to shape their bodies […]


firenze-ottobre 2012

Giovanni Presutti | Hello dolly!

I imagined a near future in which Dolly, a doll of human size only survivor, wanders into a scene of degradation that has reduced the Earth to a pile of empty and abandoned buildings.


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