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London, UK - Jun-July 2016. “Old is dying and the new cannot be born” - probably this is the most appropriate phrase to describe the situation of UK after first 15 days of declaration of BREXIT result. Confusions, predictions and expectations are everywhere in everybody’s mind.

The First Fortnight of Brexistential Crisis

The First Fortnight of Brexistential Crisis, photo essay by Debiprasad Mukherjee Your EUrope United Kingdom      


07/18/2015 - Rome (Italy). Chiara is 17 years old hiding her face behind her hair for a joke


This work is about adolescence. The protagonists are young people living a part of their lives in the “elsewhere” of a therapeutic rehabilitation center.


Warsaw, Poland - March, 2015. “There is nothing for them (polish expatriates) to come back to. The social security is okay and they feel safe. Young and ambitious people will go abroad. It is often about work and the money and there is not enough opportunity here.”


Transitions, photo essay by David Shaw. Your EUrope Poland Poland is a Catholic country however many of the more old fashioned traditions are pushing some people away.


Wloclawek, Poland - April 2014. Heating Plant.


A middle-sized city in the center of Poland, halfway between the mountains and the Baltic Sea. Neither rich, nor really poor, with a typical history of a region’s industrial capital


New York, USA - September 2015, East Village under Construction

Under construction

The big cities are full of them. The roads are renewed, rebuilt, constructed. There is danger everywhere and our urban environment is constantly changing.


Oxford, UK - May 2013. River Thames at dusk

Thames: Dark River, Still Shining

These images, taken along the course of the River Thames, offer a small glimpse of how the river is inextricably linked to the communities who inhabit the surrounding area.



Life at Suhrawardi Uddyan

Suhrawardy Uddyan is one of the largest and the oldest parks in Bangladesh. It is related to many historic events of the country.


Lugansk (UA) Apr/30/2014 - A "baboushka" (an elderly lady) talking with a pro-russian soldier in front of the Lugansk administration occupied in the night

Cossack blood, Ukraine – photo essay by Cosimo Attanasio

I am particularly interested in all the stories that the mainstream press don’t consider interesting.


Bari (former school Socrate), May 2014 - Chad migrant (19 years old) in apparent confusion (amplified by the use of alcohol).

Second Reception – photo essay by Marco Sacco

I tried to show in the most neutral and clear their condition.


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