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AMPLITUDE №1: The first printed edition published by FotoDepartament

FotoDepartament presents its first printed edition – the set AMPLITUDE №1, consisting of 10 books of 10 Russian artists working with photography.


At Eye Level

Chance and intuition play a major role in Kregenow’s quest to photograph colleagues he admires or respects, or about whom he is simply curious. His approach is spontaneous and journalistic: he buttonholes his subjects at museum or gallery openings, at photography fairs, or in hotel lobbies. In anticipation of the extremely limited room for manoeuvre […]

© Olivier Jobart

Olivier Jobard “Kingsley …”

Kingsley, jeune camerounais de 22 ans a traversé l’Afrique subsaharienne puis l’Atlantique sur une embarcation de fortune avant d’entrer clandestinement aux Canaries. Aujourd’hui, il vit en France.

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En surface

Nature Humaine pour la photographie met à l’honneur la nouvelle série et le livre En surface de la photographe Laëtitia Donval fruit de sa résidence à Le Blanc (36). Laëtitia Donval photographie avec l’errance pour méthode et le désir de plonger dans l’inattendu du quotidien. Fascinée par l’autre réalité du miroir, son travail s’imprègne d’incertitude pour […]



Forcella is a place that swallows you up, where everything is stuck, frozen in time, forgotten by the institutions, abandoned to the casualness or to the lazy routine of its own citizens.

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© Saul Leiter

Saul Leiter

Leiter made an enormous and unique contribution to photography with a highly prolific period in New York City in the 1940s and 50s. His abstracted forms and radically innovative compositions have a painterly quality that stands out among the work of his New York School contemporaries.


Willy Rizzo

During all his life, Willy Rizzo spent his life building happiness, immortalizing and enhancing the world around him, actors, artists, fashion designers, friends and family with always his personal approach…

"The Great Needles at danw", from the Chapieux, Géography of a Scret book, 2014

Les Chapieux, Géographie d’un secret

Through images and texts is outlined the portrait of one of those places that isolation and uncompromising beauty place at the forefront of human fantasies.

From the series "A Winter's Tale", © Mattia Vacca

Mattia Vacca | A Winter’ s Tale

A photographic long-term project on an ancient Carnival of the italian Alps. Mattia Vacca is an italian Photojournalist and a Documentary Photographer and he was granted exceptional access to the heart of a community which is notoriously closed. Watch the video, supports the project with your own contribution and help to produce the book!


from the book "Swell"

Mateusz Sarello | Swell

Void of everything that is important. I am trying to think about the “road.” I cannot. I am completely exhausted. All in all, I am going only because of the weather. The prospect of wind, snow, and my flashes on the beach did not let me sleep.


© Pentti Sammallahti

Pentti Sammallahti

L’ouvrage « Ici au loin » relié à l’italienne en réponse aux cadrages horizontaux de Sammallahti, quitte parfois les territoires scandinaves du photographe pour s’aventurer jusqu’en Afrique ou en Asie.

Cerska, Serb Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2009. The shadow of a lamb hung in a tree by two pheasant farmers.

The Bosnian Identity

A journey into the memory of Bosnia. Everyday stories of Muslim families, otherwise marked by the war. A continuous voyage of self-awareness amidst the horror of the Srebrenica genocide and the memory of an ethnic cleansing that goes beyond time.


Untitled, from the series "Blue Mud Swamp"

Blue Mud Swamp

The book “Blue Mud Swamp” is a series made in Dalian, China. The shoreline, hot and humid, is a postcard that attracts and invites Men to settle where the land meets the Yellow Sea. However, the reality is dissonant.

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