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The Dogs Bark

The Dogs Bark by Rakib Boby While i go to sleep i thought why rain fall in the midnight burning the neighbors light still silent still mysterious still i thought why night always dark the dogs bark but silent air


Autumn in Bangladesh

13/10/2015 Mymensingh Bangladesh Rakib Boby Kash flowers are symbolic of autumn season in Bangladesh. Kash flowers blooms in Kashbans in the bank of rivers. (Rakib Boby)

Shadows Of Loneliness, © Rakib Boby

Shadows Of Loneliness…

There is light in the shadow just as there is shadow in the light. the shadow hold it’s own muted allure and of both shades, there are songs and dances and revelry and sorrow.


Moments of Eid…

22/07/2015  Mymensingh, Bangladesh Rakib Boby he family waiting for the boat….They were travelling to celebrate Eid al-Fitr with their beloved relatives. (Rakib Boby)

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