Reconciliation with oneself

Reconciliation with oneself, photo essay by Marianna Glynska

It was quite warm. The trees weren’t blooming, but the grass started getting green. It was a bit windy. Typical weather for the early spring.

We’ve met in the garden. She let me go side by side with her soul, her heart that was longing for the peace and was struggling to find it. I didn’t ask too many questions. I felt like we could communicate with no words. I could understand her. She looked very feminine. Red lipstick, careless,wavy hair. She was slightly smiling. She didn’t say what brought her there, to the neurologic hospital. Everyone has their own secret, the secret that isn’t shared with anyone else.

I thought she was very brave. She had the courage to admit that she needed help. She was going through the dark cave and she has lost a thread, a thread that would show her the way out. Maybe, she already had that thread, but wasn’t quite sure about it. I admired her because of her courage to allow oneself to be weak without being ashamed of it, accepting one’s weaknesses and striving to reconcile with one’s true self.

In the corridors we’ve heard some people screaming like in a horror movie. She slightly smiled and said: “It’s such a place, you know. From time to time things like these happen, sometimes it can be even worse.” She was being ironic about the overall situation and didn’t overly dramatize it. It was a long and hard journey, a journey with lots of obstacles, a journey that had to be taken in order to reconcile with oneself, one’s genuine and harmonious self.

It’s a story of one person, a women, who is strong, yet vulnerable, weak, yet courageous, the woman who was struggling to find a peace in her heart, a peace that was lost on the thorny road of life circumstances, on the road of death, suffering, on the road with lots of stones. It’s about letting oneself take some rest on that road without being too harsh on oneself, without trying to be strong all the time. It’s about taking a closer look into one’s inner world.

As we walked outside, it has become windier. Was getting colder, yet the sun was shining through the sky. She was petting the stray dog that was lying on the stairs. She has developed affectionate feelings for the animals, and they seemed to understand each other perfectly. It has become cloudy and sufficiently colder. The weather has changed rapidly. “Things like this happen,” she said, and we both were rushing to hide from that harsh wind, hoping that soon it will get sunny and warm again.

(by Marianna Glynska)

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