Bali, Indonesia – May, 2017. Swimming in the sand

Paradiso, photo essay by Johnny Kurniawan

Paradiso is a short photo essay about people activities on the beach. Beach in Bali. All these photographs were taken in three different location, Kuta beach, Padang-Padang beach, Blue-point beach, and Tegalwangi Beach. I presenting to you about people activities at the beach (esp. in Bali Beach), see their “weirdo”, their expression, and the correlation between one and other.
All these photo were taken during my short trip to Bali. So, enjoy it!

(by Johnny Kurniawan)

Mama yell to not swim, so i crawl

Enough for play dear, lets go home

Hey Mr. Handsome

Now watch me!

Enjoy our sun fellas, enjoy this tropical sun.

Sunset already, lets take some silhoute.

Dry my pants

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