My city through my phone

Bijoy shoroni,Dhaka,Bangladesh-March,2016

Bijoy shoroni,Dhaka,Bangladesh-March,2016

My city through my phone, photo essay by Shaeekh Shuvro

I was grown up in Dhaka. Since childhood there lies a fascination for this city.Probably one of the main reasons of loving street photography is because I live in this city. Every picture submitted here is captured at Dhaka. I’ve been trying to capture interesting moments for more than a year using my fujifilm bridge camera.


Mohakhali, Dhaka, Bangladesh, March,2016

Shoinil club,Dhaka,Bangladesh-March,2016

Shoinil club, Dhaka, Bangladesh, March 2016


Diluroad, Dhaka, February 2016

So why this ‘through my phone’ part? In the 21st century popularity photography has gone beyond imagination. Like every other sector technology of camera has improved a lot .We’ve camera in our phone too. But because of so much development we’ve started to believe that only DSLR can capture better photographs. The truth is except some particular matters it depends only on the photographer. Yes, device matters in some technical issues. But a better camera won’t give us better photographs unless we have better eyes.


Diluroad, Dhaka, December 2015


Shahinbag, Dhaka, February 2016

Shoinil club,Dhaka,Bangladesh-March,2016

Shoinil club, Dhaka, Bangladesh, March 2016

Then I decided to make a series of mobile photographs only to prove this ‘better camera’ concept wrong. I started with Nokia asha 308 which is considered absolutely a foul mobile for capturing photos. Thus this ongoing project came out.


Agargaon, Dhaka, Bangladesh, March 2016


Diluroad, Dhaka, Bangladesh, March 2016


AUST, Dhaka, Bangladesh, March 2016


Mirpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh, March 2016


Banglamotor, Dhaka, Bangladesh, April 2016

Since I am an amateur photographer, I guess I haven’t been able to take this to an excellent level yet. But I hope this will make amateur people like me believe that imagination is the key to flourish. (Shaeekh Shuvro)

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