Marigold – The Flower of Disease

Marigold – The Flower of Disease, photo essay by Mijannur Rahaman Gazi

Marigold, one of the most used flowers in India for its cultural and religious propose. Indian yellow gold flower also have a good reputation in the world market. Some years back India was in leading position to export Marigold Extracts. Now the market is dominated by China. Still India makes lots of money from Marigold (Rs. 423.43 Cr, Revenue 2012-13, Economics Times, Jan 22, 2014).
A large number of Indian farmers are busy to uphold the County’s reputation. Farmers, mainly from Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, and West Bengal region are showing the dedication to Marigold farming. In West Bengal, the Nadia District is holding a great reputation in Marigold Production.

Marigold is very sensitive crop, needs great care. Insects, Caterpillar, Microscopic worms are the main enemy of the marigold plants and flowers. Farmers regularly (after 2 or 3 days) use insecticides like, SCORE, RIDOMIL, CAPTOR (prevents spot), BIO DOSE, SONATA, RDX, ESPOMA, ANTI VIESPI, BOOM GOLD, NATIVO (Caterpillars repellents). As we all know, these insecticides are directly harmful to human skin and body. That’s why most of the Marigold farmers are suffering from Skin diseases, mainly who pluck the flowers from the plants . The farmers can’t use hand cover or flower Cutter, because its damage the buds. They blame their destiny for the skin diseases . (Mijannur Rahaman Gazi)

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