Moscow, train station

ZERO DARK MOCKBa, photo essay by Davide Palmisano.

Version of Moscow, is the guided tour of a city of dreams, and dreams should be made so at night.
Because the night is a different world, sweet and ambiguous as a dream, and in those hours the cityscape in Moscow, constantly and rapidly changing too, is abandoned to oblivion, and stopping it has left captured in his cold and in his oblique twilight; giving us an unusual instant recording of the process of tumultuous change, theme fortunately there are still traces half hidden, in memory, in the neighborhoods and in the original functions of the dumb buildings.
What it was there before it was destroyed, but what replaces it has its beauty: the urban fabric takes the vision of the post-industrial landscape, time stands still, and the apparent mystery and the sense of abandonment takes over the pulsating rhythm just in places already become something else, in a urban history in which everything changes.

We are left to admire the cusp of transformation from the instant stopped, still and cold, but so we’re present “in places”; to make not them disappear forever. (Davide Palmisano)

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Moscow, night sky

Moscow, outside coffee

Moscow, ateliers in “red october” district

Moscow, “artplay” district

Moscow, tram railway

Moscow, “red october” district under snow

Moscow, railway crossing

Moscow, “artplay” district

Moscow, “red october” district under snow

Moscow, “red october” district under snow



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