Niveau 4. L’obscure au temps de l’alerte maximum

Niveau 4. L’obscure au temps de l’alerte maximum, photo essay by Alessia Capasso.

After the Paris terror attack that killed more than 130 people, Belgium’s national crisis centre raised the alert level on terrorist attack in Brussels region to level four (Niveau 4), which designates a “serious and immediate threat”. On the basis of undisclosed evidence, the Belgian security and counter-terror services warned the government that a major Paris-style attack was being planned in Brussels. Public transport has been restricted, shops shut, shopping malls shuttered, professional football matches cancelled, concerts called off and music venues, museums, and galleries closed. People were told to avoid rail stations and airports, shopping centres, concerts, and other public events where people congregate.

I explored the city during the lockdown days guided by these words: fear / security / unknown / limit.
What are the feelings when police sirens become the ‘Original Soundtrack’ of your daily life? To which details our eyes give attention when someone says you are living in a war context? (Alessia Capasso)

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