EMERGENCY, photo essay by Sohan Rahat.

It’s a room similar to many other rooms. A room consists of walls, windows and roof. But if you happened to step through the doorway, across the invisible barrier separating the emergency room from the world, you would find yourself thrust into the depths of a horrifying place that exists between life and death. You would find yourself struggling to see clearly through thick smog of chaotic emotion, turmoil of pain, tension, panic and despair.

A cry of pain cuts through the air like a blade. A new patient is wheeled in. More blood, more pain. More urgency.
But there is a pause in this room. Everyone is waiting for his turn.
It’s a place where people gone limbo. It’s a place between life and death. (Sohan Rahat)

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  1. G 11 February 2016 at 9:01 am #

    Good job

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