Somebody to Love

Somebody to Love, photo essay by Valeria Ranalli

Walk. Don’t look back. Fairy Tales. Lights. Flash.
Walk. Fear. Radio. Flash.
Do you want somebody to love?

Ground. Disillusions. Teeth. Dance. Breath. Delete. Flash.
Oddity. Life. Skin. Bugs. Demons. Souls. Flash.
Don’t you need somebody to love?

Teardrops. Mirrors. Hate. Eyes. Identity. Flash.
Shame. Run. Nails. Beats. Stomp on. Live. Flash.
Wouldn’t you love somebody to love?

This project collects pictures made in different places across Europe during the past five years. Always shooting only when inspired and conscious that every pictures I make manifest my inner thoughts, my reality, my experiences and the feelings of that particular moment, I decided to cluster all the images that remind me the most terrible moments in my life. Fighting with the feelings of shame, dishonour and condemnation, I have finally found the power and strength to denounce violence, abuse and sexism by showing the inner feelings of a victim. Loss of identity, loss of hope, loss of self-love, loss of sense of reality. Continuous flash backs, continuous denials.

Dedicated to all the women that met fear, anger and hate but finally found the path to bring their souls back to a safe place, thanks to art, love and beauty. And to all the women still struggling, could this boost confidence, strength and hope.
Remember woman, it is not stronger than you. Stand up and fight to save your soul.

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