Poverty in the normality

Poverty in the normality, photo essay by Andrea Giubelli.
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Walk in the streets; take a bus; look for something in a street – market… and then: speak with the people; kiss the girlfriend; go to work… A young fashionable woman dressing boots and miniskirt is going back home after the work in an office of the city center. Three Muslim women are talking to each other in a street market, and a homeless is eating something on a bench. Every day in every city, life flows and we (often) don’t give any importance at these “normal” events. But these “small” and “not important” events mark the time of our days and fill up our life, and we almost don’t realize about it.
The economic crisis that hit Europe, (and in deeper way Italy, where I have taken this photos) has intensified the problem of the poverty. A large number of people is unemployed, and it’s usual to see homeless to begging in the streets. And see poor people in the towns, unfortunately, now it’s a normal thing. So, the images of the poverty are alternated at the images of our daily life, in a worrisome normality. (Andrea Giubelli)
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