Offcut, the edge

Offcut, the edge, photo essay by Qian Zhao

[T]his series is based on my daily life and imagination. I keep a distance from the city I live. My community, shopping malls and famous places of interest I have been to reconstructed as an unreal city in images. I strive to see beyond the quotidian matter of urban life. With people seeming to appear out of mist,The slightly off-kilter images all connect to something odd but interesting. The images ask the viewer to look again, to step closer, to investigate what might be there in that other dimension.

Q&A with Qian Zhao

Photography is…
Be honestly no one can explain what is photography. Photography for me is kind of my own voice to tell others what’s my focus and what’s I really thinking about every day.

Photography and writing…
Writing is the addition meaning for photography. Even though theartist statement is also not the truth about the images.

Who left the biggest impression on you?
My curiosity is push me to keep shooting.

Tell us a little about yourself
I really like spicy food.



PRIVATE [ photography & writing ]

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