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XALOVE – photo essay by Ludovico Poggioli

SPELLO, ITALY – November 2014
XALOVE, photo essay by Ludovico Poggioli
[B]orn as an exploration of the different sight of the camera, quickly became the diary of a monotonous trip. Round trips overlapping like the faces met day after day, always the same, acquaintances lasted as fractions of a second, spread around the route, nuanced by the fatigue; but also beauty, light, rain, smiles, kindness, courtesy, tears.

Images like fragments of a trip dreamt although not desired, the city suddenly appearing, then the evening bringing you a silence thought lost, in an existence divided between desire and repulsion, unable to stop, still looking.

PRIVATE Intimate Visions

All the project is taken with a little film camera that people don’t notice at all and some film looking for a dreamy, grainy, evocative look.

It reflects, I hope, my love/hate relactionship with the city and the people that live there; coming from a small village where silence is quite often a good friend, the city, even a small city, is sometimes scaring, but at the same time attracts me with his light, his constant noise, his inhabitants. (Ludovico Poggioli)

BETTONA, ITALY – December 2014
SPELLO, ITALY – November 2014
SPELLO, ITALY – December 2014
PERUGIA, ITALY – February 2015
PERUGIA, ITALY – February 2015
PERUGIA, ITALY – March 2015
PERUGIA, ITALY – April 2015
SPELLO, ITALY – March 2015
PERUGIA, ITALY – April 2015
PERUGIA, ITALY – April 2015
SPELLO, ITALY – November 2014

Q&A with Ludovico Poggioli

Photography is…
Photography is what keeps me sane. It’s like medicine for the soul, a sweet obsession and a magic carpet, it’s something I need to feel alive.

Photography and writing…
Are the question and the answer, when I start a new project I don’t really know where I’m going, to me is quite difficult to understand what moves me until I start writing about it. So, usually I start with a little set of photos that touch me in some way, and I wrote: some notes, some impressions, it helps me, then it’s easier to continue to shoot, and the editing speeds up too.

Who left the biggest impression on you?
If we talk about photography Klavdij Sluban, his photography is something that makes me dream, every time, it’s really easy to love his photos, but there are so many talented photographers out there, Michael Ackermann, Gabrielle Duplantier, Andrea Buzzichelli, Bernard Cantie are the first that comes in mind.

Tell us a little about yourself
I’m a father and a husband, deeply in love, far from perfect and really lazy.

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