Colors and portraits inside the bazaar of Isfahan

Colors and portraits inside the bazaar, photo essay by Andrea Giubelli

Walking in the streets of Isfahan, the ancient capital of Persia, you are into a world with just a few colors. Usually, buildings are “sand color”; cars are white or light grey; women wear black chadors. But when you go in the bazaar of the city, you can see another world: lots of colors around you, while religious music and the scent of spices and fruit fill up the space. The bazaar of Isfahan is the “heart” of the city. Inside the bazaar people appear more relaxed and friendly. The spices sellers, the carpets sellers, the artisans invite you to take photos.

It is easy to see into the shops the portraits of the old owners.
The gold seller, a girl with a perfect make-up but a strict black veil, smiles while I take some photos.
Young women are buying some gold rings, and they smile while they try the rings in their fingers.
In front of the jeweller’s, there is a very coloured stand of spices: the seller is fully surrounded by spices.
In the sector of the carpets, people are less numerous. A carpet seller says me that the economic crisis and the embargo have damaged his activity, but Iranian people hopes in a best future.
Then, he combs his mustache and says me: please, take a photo!
Meeting the Iranian people, I have felt their friendly and sociable character; they are always available to speak with foreign people and offer them a cup of tea. (Andrea Giubelli)


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