Restore and Revive, by Frank Trimbos

Restore and Revive, photo essay by Frank Trimbos

South Africa is in the top 10 with the highest drug and alcohol abuse rate worldwide. A numerous rehab facilities a located throughout the country located mostly on remote areas.
A significant part of these rehab centers is Christianity-based.
Their aim is to not only treat the patients for drug abuse, but also to introduce them to Christianity. These infamous rehab centers share the belief that Christian faith modifies behavior, gives a purpose and cures addiction.

Most Christian based rehabs are exclusively for males and is situated in remote areas, for the addicts to cure from their drug addiction in solitude and without any external incentives. Once taken in the centre, the addicts must spend a minimum of one year in solitude in the rehab centre in order to leave their life involving drugs behind them. Visitors are not allowed. The addicts have to obey to the strict rules of the centre. All must do their daily chores, go to in-house therapy and attend the Christian services.The centre believes that these activities help the addicts to keep themselves busy, learn responsibilities and get them back into a drug-free life. The rehab centre is a tough place for its inhabitants, but the success rate is high. Despite the sober character of the centre, the admission fees are substantial.


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