Blow your head and be born again

Blow your head and be born again, photo essay by Ignacio Conese

Once a year in different parts of the world, in the same weekend, people from all over get together to realize a party called Earthdance, that the organizers call a global synchronized peace party; 48 hours of nonstop electro-trance music in an amazing natural context away from civilization and its rules. The title of this essay is the result of my own experience in this party, and in this way this essay may be considered a Gonzo experience in my efforts to describe in photography that, that can only be explained in sounds that travel in ghostly ways across the sierras. Sounds that make the land tremble. Somewhere near Capilla del Monte, Córdoba, Argentina. 2014.

Q&A with Ignacio Conese

Photography is…
Photography is sometimes a headache, and sometimes the only thing that can bring relief to my soul. I find it to be the only way that I can express certain feelings, worries, or just a state of mind that I fail to communicate in other ways.

Photography and writing…
When a photograph is explained in words, it may in one way complete the information, but in the other hand strip down the mystery away from the image. I very much estimate when words are complementary of an image, or the other way around. Not when one completes the information of the other, but when they work together as one piece of art.

Who left the biggest impression on you?
If it’s photography, we are talking about, I very much admire the work of Trent Park and also Eggleston. Out of the world of photography the biggest impression in my way of thinking and seeing the world come from the writer Hernan Casciari and comedian Bill Hicks.

Tell us a little about yourself
I come from a humanistic and free thinking family so most of what I do is in some way attached to does ideas. I believe that humans are by nature kind and caring for one another and that the craziness of the modern condition is what generates the amount of violence thatsurrounds us. But all do it seems that things might get worse before they get better, I do believe that they are going to get better, and in my possibilities I try to contribute to that idea.

IgnacioConeseIgnacio Conese (website) Born in 1985, in Córdoba, Argentina, Ignacio studied one year of photography among other studies which he did not complete that include law school, geology, oil engineering and finally journalism. Know days he divides his time between his documentary photography, online podcast, vegan cooking and his family, a newborn daughter, his wife and three street dogs that the family adopted. He lives in La Falda, his hometown in the sierras of Cordoba, Argentina.


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