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Between Home and Wisdom

Notzitsetse Ghana and the girl, 2014

Notzitsetse Ghana and the girl, 2014

Between Home and Wisdom, Sangoma Woman of South Africa – by Tommaso Fiscaletti.
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Between Home and Wisdom is a portraits photographic project. The images were captured in the township of Dunoon, were about 30.000 people live at the doorsteps of Cape Town.

The project was inspired by a group of urban weavers who besides making baskets and bags are also Sangomas. In the South African culture are those who practice the cult of the ancestor worship, and with magic rituals and traditional medicine are able to heal others.
The Fiscaletti relationship with the women of this community has enabled him to construct some of these images in a way that reveals the hidden aspects of this reality.

Regina Gingqishe, Nozitsetse Ghana, Sylvia Ntantiso, Eunice Magwa, Nowongile Swebe, NoyoseMntuyedwa. Dunoon, Cape town, 2014

Regina Gingqishe, Nozitsetse Ghana, Sylvia Ntantiso, Eunice Magwa, Nowongile Swebe, NoyoseMntuyedwa. Dunoon, Cape town, 2014

The reality of the place moves between the isolation of the cult of the Sangomas (and the burden that this brings upon each of them) and the importance of their relationship with one another and within their community.

The daily solitary practice of this cult, can be at times very demanding, and researching angles, backgrounds, surfaces, and evocative details Fiscalletti try to represent the inner life of the people had met. In some of the photographs, characters join the subjects in the scenes that we don’t entirely understand why they are there. They don’t directly interact with the Sangomas but we can perceive that they play a role.

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Tommaso Fiscaletti

Tommaso Fiscaletti was born in Cattolica (RN) in 1981. He Lives and works beetween Milan and Cape Town (Sudafrica) as a photographer of portraits and landscapes, working diligently to personal projects. His work has been exhibited in various exhibitions and fairs, both in Italy and abroad and has won several awards. In 2011, he partnered with Alice Marrollo "LeaFlood", to carry out projects that arise from the constant comparison between the two.

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